diaper bag essentials


while i was pregnant with indy, i did hours of research for the best and most convenient products for life with a newborn. while i felt like i had everything i needed - there are a lot of things i found helpful by trail and error after she was born. here's a list of everything we keep in our diaper bag...

diapers - an obvious must-have item. we've tried about every brand of diaper out there...for newborns we preferred pampers swaddlers, but as she got older we always keep honest co. diapers and huggies on hand in multiple sizes.

wipes - another given diaper bag item

wet-ones - these have come in so handy for disinfecting shopping carts/tables/hands/pretty much anything and everything

hand sanitizer - on the topic of disinfecting, i always keep hand sanitizer in our bag. most of the time washing your hands with either a crying newborn or trying to hold a squirmy babe and getting your hands clean just isn't an easy task. this spray is quick and easy and smells amazing.

wildbird sling carrier - i learned this lesson the hard way. there were so many times that we were out and about and indy started to get fed up with being in her carseat/stroller and would start to get really upset. holding her while shopping or walking around isn't very ideal and makes for tired arms. after a few exhausting outings i never leave home without our sling or solly wrap.

swaddle or light blanket - another lesson learned from experience. there's nothing worse than being out when the weather changes or you go into a cold building and not having something to keep your baby extra warm. we always have some sort of blanket with us just incase.

milk snob cover - this product is SO helpful. i can't even express how amazing this has been. we've used it as a blanket, nursing cover, carseat cover, keeping germs out away, shopping cart cover, burp rag (not an intended use but sometimes you've got to improvise with what you've got)

toys - always keep teethers/rattles/paci's for desperate times with a fussy baby

spare outfit - nothing like having to haul around a naked baby or making a quick pit stop to buy a new outfit due to a bad diaper :)

some other necessities:
chapstick (literally can't go anywhere without it)
breast pads
nipple balm
hair ties
body spray
baby butt cream
diaper doggy bags
extra warm hat (in the winter months)

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